About Higdon Inc

Founded 1958, providing reliable valuations in the Equipment and Machinery Discipline since 1978.
Brian Hennig and Virginia Higdon
Association Society of AppraisersBrian Hennig and Virginia Higdon, former candidate of ASA

The pipeline construction industry provided a keen learning ground for young Pat Higdon who worked for Southern Union Gas Company. Having worked in construction as a teenager, Higdon knew he liked the business. In 1958, at just twenty-six years old he became an entrepreneur launching his construction business as Higdon Inc.

Higdon had gained valuable experience and knowledge of equipment and machinery from years in the construction industry. He was self-educated and highly motivated to succeed being the sole provider for his young wife and children.

In 1978 Higdon brought his expertise to an emerging field, Equipment and Machinery Appraisal. Banks and other financial institutions started requiring appraisals and needed reliable valuations. Lending institutions and judicial proceedings required appraisals on litigation, divorces, and lawsuits.

Pat and Virginia Higdon had the foresight to prepare for and develop strategies to serve the new requirements and operated their business successfully for nearly thirty years.

In 1995 following the death of founder Pat Higdon, Hennig & Company purchased Higdon Inc and merged the two into Hennig Group. Virginia Higdon continues to take an active role in the company in sales.





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asset recovery value
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